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Lake Avenue Baptist Church

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Quoted from History section of Lake Avenue Baptist Church on Ambrose Street in Rochester.

Beginnings: 1854 - 1889

"My brother, I have made a good many paying investments in my lifetime but none that paid off like this."

These words were spoken by Deacon Oren Sage, a loyal member of Rochester's First Baptist Church, who purchased the plot of ground at the junction of Jones Avenue and Ambrose Street at Lake Avenue, dedicating it to the service of God. He contributed substantially to the first building to be erected there a small mission chapel opened in 1866 as a memorial to peace. Almost immediately, the need for enlargement was recognized, as membership steadily increased during the pastorate of Dr. Ebenezer Nesbit and Dr. Amos Judson Barrett. A much larger facility of dark red sandstone was begun. Upon completion of the first unit in 1884, the chapel was dismantled brick by brick and reassembled on Cameron Street, where with sixty from Lake Avenue as charter members, the Lyell Avenue Baptist Church as established in 1890. This building has since become home for the Cameron Community Ministries...

Some samples from Lake Avenue Baptist Church archives: