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P.I.E » Ruben Garcia

About Ruben

Ruben Garcia was born in the Philippines to a lawyer father and a pharmacist mother. He was the oldest of five children. He was fascinated with his father's legal profession but never thought of following his footsteps.

He finished his law degree in the Philippines. Immediately after passing the bar, he was appointed as Assistant Professor at the University of the Philippines (UP) and subsequently detailed as Special Assistant to the UP President-Gen. Carlos P. Romulos Committee on Legislative Affairs.

Even at an early age, Ruben showed his interest in languages.  His motto was "learn one English word a day" to improve his knowledge. Prior to World War II his parents enrolled him in a Japanese school and became fluent in Japanese. Ruben acted as an interpreter between the Filipinos and Japanese officials. At the same time, he learned discipline at the school that he stood at attention every time he spoke to an official or older person. Ruben's good command of the English language (English was and is the second language in the Philippines) emboldened him to compete in many "oratorical and declamation contests." Public speaking was dear to his heart.

 Ruben is married to Enya Baltazar Garcia, a former faculty member at the University of the Philippines-Los Banos. She was a Senior Case Worker in the Monroe County Department of Social Services. Hearing Examiner. They have three wonderful children:  Benjie, Dolly and Lisa. Benjie is a veteran of the Desert Storm, Colonel in the Army Reserve, married to Jan and have a son, AJ. Dolly has MS in Nursing and MBA degrees. Lisa is a psychologist and works as a Parole Officer.

Since their retirement in 2002, they have done a lot of traveling and entertaining friends. Ruben still enjoys watching and judging professional boxing. Enya enjoys gardening, cooking and baking. Both love jazz music and Frank Sinatra.