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P.I.E » Ruben Garcia

Monroe County-Support Magistrate

In 1968, Ruben M. Garcia came to Oklahoma to pursue his Master of Arts in Public Administration. Little did he know then that his fate will lead him to Rochester, New York.  He passed the New York State Bar examination, became naturalized US citizen and served in the justice department in Monroe County and New York City. His legal services included working as Assistant District Attorney under District Attorneys: L. Kurlander, D. Chesworth and H. Relin, also as Monroe county Hearing Examiner. He served for eight years as Administrative Law Judge in New York City. He came back to Rochester as Hearing Examiner for Monroe County. He retired in 2002 as Support Magistrate.

Ruben was the only Filipino-American practicing lawyer in Monroe County, New York, and the only Filipino-American licensed New York State Profesional Boxing Judge.

He had served in the Monroe County Courts for 14 years, the New York City Courts for eight years under the following capacities:

Aside from the court duties, Ruben also worked in the following roles: Executive Assistant Department of Engineering, Assistant Director of Parks & Recreations for the City of Rochester.